Help: Data

Viewing and manipulating data (area 1)

This area displays the current input dataset. The attribute types are depicted via different colors in the column headers:

  1. Red indicates an identifying attribute
  2. Yellow indicates a quasi-identifying attribute
  3. Purple indicates a sensitive attribute
  4. Green indicates an insensitive attribute

The checkboxes indicate, which rows have been selected for inclusion into the research dataset. The checkboxes in the view for output datasets, indicate the subset that was defined when the anonymization process was last executed. They cannot be edited. The checkboxes in the view for the input dataset represent the current research dataset.

Data options

Each table offers a few options that are accessible via buttons in the top-right corner of the view:

  1. The first button enables sorting the data according to the currently selected column
  2. The second button will sort the output dataset according to all quasi-identifiers and then highlight the equivalence classes
  3. The third button will toggle between showing all records of the dataset or only the currently selected research subset