Related software

This page provides an overview over related anonymization software.

UTD Anonymization Toolbox

  • Description: “In an effort to promote our research in the area of privacy preserving data analysis, at UT Dallas Data Security and Privacy Lab, we compiled our implementation of various anonymization methods into a toolbox for public use by researchers. The algorithms can either be applied directly to a dataset or can be used as library functions inside other applications. The toolbox currently contains 6 different anonymization methods over 3 different privacy definitions: Datafly, Mondrian Multidimensional k-Anonymity, Incognito, Incognito with l-diversity, Incognito with t-closeness, Anatomy.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial, source available here

Cornell Anonymization Toolkit

  • Description: “The Cornell Anonymization Toolkit is designed for interactively anonymizing published dataset to limit identification disclosure of records under various attacker models.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial, source available here


  • [TIAMAT is] a tool for analysis of anonymization techniques which allows data publishers to assess the accuracy and overhead of existing anonymization techniques. The tool performs interactive, head-to-head comparison of anonymization techniques, as well as QID change-impact analysis.” (Source: Scientific Paper)
  • Non-commercial


  • Description: “SECRETA is a system for evaluating and comparing anonymization algorithms for relational, transaction, and R-T (relational-transaction) datasets. It integrates 9 popular anonymization algorithms for relational and transaction datasets as well as 3 bounding methods for combining these algorithms, under a common, benchmark-oriented framework.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial

Open Anonymizer

  • Description: “Open Anonymizer protects sensitive data by generalizing data records in order to create data twins that mask the identity of individuals. It is based on the concept of k-anonymity.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial, source available here


  • Description: “Tool for the anonymization of data exports” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial


  • Description: “Based on peer-reviewed algorithms and methodology, PARAT automates de-identification and masking of data for secondary use. It is the only software to anonymize structured and unstructured data.” (Source: Website)
  • Commercial


  • Description: “µ-ARGUS is a software program designed to create safe micro-data files.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial, compiled software available here


  • Description: “This package can be used for the generation of anonymized (micro)data, i.e. for the creation of public- and scientific-use files. In addition, various risk estimation methods are included.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial, source available here


  • Description: “Amnesia supports k-anonymity and km-anonymity.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial, compiled software available here, online version available here.


  • Description: “PPSF is an open-source privacy-perserving library written in Java. It offers implementations of 13 privacy preserving algorithms.” (Source: Website)
  • Non-commercial, source available here

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