Help: Explore Perspective


In this perspective, the solution space can be browsed and transformations can be applied to the input dataset. The following figure shows an overview of this perspective. In area 1 a subset of the current generalization lattice is displayed. The transformations which are contained in this subset, can be selected by changing several filters that are provided by area 2. Area 3 implements a clipboard in which nodes can be stored and annotated, while area 4 displays properties of the currently selected transformation.

Exploration view

Apart from some shortcuts to menu entries, the application toolbar also displays some information from this perspective. These include the currently selected transformation, the currently applied transformation and some statistics regarding the current solution space. A transformation is identified by the generalization levels that it defines for the quasi-identifiers in the input dataset. The currently selected transformation is the last transformation which the user has selected in the generalization lattice (area 1). If a solution exists for the current configuration, the currently selected transformation will initially be the global optimum. The currently applied transformation is the transformation that is currently displayed in the analysis perspective of the tool. Additionally, the toolbar displays the number of anonymous transformations and the total number of transformations in the solution space as well as some statistics about the previous search process.