Help: Subset

Defining a research dataset (area 5)

In this view, a research subset can be specified. It represents a subset if the overall dataset that will be anonymized and exported. It is possible to enforce d-presence on the subset. Three buttons in the top-right corner support different options:

  1. Selecting no data entries
  2. Selecting all data entries
  3. Selecting some entries, by matching the dataset against a dataset from an external file
  4. Selecting some entries by querying the dataset

The view will show the size of the currently selected subset and the way in which it was created. At any time, the research subset can be altered by clicking the checkboxes shown in the data tables. The query syntax is as follows. Fields and constants must be enclosed in single quotes. In the example 'age' is a field and '50' is a constant. The following operators are supported: >, >=, <, <=, =, or, and, ( and ). The dialog dynamically shows the number of rows matching the query and displays error messages in case of syntactic errors.

Query interface

In the data views (area 1), the research subset is indicated by the checkboxes. These can also be dynamically edited in the view for the input dataset.